Just in case you aren't on facebook, this is for you....

I helped film a little, but Bryan did most of the filming, he plays back up vocals and guitar, and his brother Joseph wrote the song, lead vocals and piano. Very moving. Hope you enjoy it too!


'Baby Went Crap'

If you haven't seen this yet... and if you already have watch it again....

And Please feel free to post this on your blogs and email to all your friends! Laughter is a gift to be shared with all!


Done Blogging

Hey all,

I think I'm done blogging for some time. If you are my friend on facebook then I'll see you there. Thanks for checking out my blog from time to time and for your comments.



Sorry I haven't updated my post for awhile. My computer has not been working, so I really haven't taken the time to update my blogs. I've been having a great time as a new facebook junkie. Hopefully I'll find some time real soon to make some posts. Hope everyone's summer is going great.